Gag Gifts

A Jar of Nothing

Know anyone who is literally impossible to shop for? Get them a jar of nothing. Besides, it's the thought that counts.


A Sack of Shit

These 4 man-made turds (but not the way you think--these are a wood composite) vary in size from 2" dia. to 3" long and look real enough at first glance!


Prank Pack Bathe & Brew

NEW! A multi-tasker's dream, the Obe'ir Bathe & Brew shower coffee maker brews up to 12 cups of great tasting coffee, while you shower - in the shower! *THIS IS A GIFT BOX. NO ACTUAL PRODUCT IS INSIDE/INCLUDED.* 


BigMouth Inc The Original Toilet Mug

A great gift for the potty-mouth or coffee drinker.


Money Soap CASH In Every Bar

 Great incentive for those opposed to washing their hands!


Forum Novelties Boobie Beverage Cover

Grab a pair for the game, bachelor party, barbeque or gag gift!


The Official BS Button

Perfect gift for the BS detector in your life. Call out BS without having to say a word!


Bag of Unicorn Farts

The Unicorn farts inside this bag are produced by free-range unicorns that donate them to the world. 


Bacon Gumballs

Pork lover's dream.


Sexy Muscle Man Apron

Show off your husband at neighborhood barbeques.


Worlds Largest Bra Size ZZZZ Cup 36"

Give your friend the largest bra in the world. She will never forget it!


Portable Pizza Pouch

Pizza lovers emergency snack pack.


Westminster Butt Face Soap

For those of you who worry about when and where your bar of soap touches certain parts of your body, you will love the Butt Face Soap. Smells terrific, too!

Fred MUFFIN TOPS Denim-Style Baking Cups

Eat up, it's just a little more to love


Bacon Soap

Wash up with some greasy bacon soap. Another dream of pork lovers.


Pizza Double Bed Quilt Duvet Cover

Great, now you can always go to bed hungry!

BigMouth Inc 100 Dollar Money Toilet Paper

Live like the filthy-rich without the expense. A great housewarming gift!


Couldn't find the perfect gag gift here?