Deluxe Wish Flower Bouquet, Cancer Patient Gift

Deluxe Wish Flower Bouquet, Cancer Patient Gift

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Product Description

Wish Flowers© are a unique creation that allows you to send special “wishes” to a friend or loved one in the form of handmade paper flowers. Your wishes are printed onto paper and then made into flowers. This “deluxe” version includes a dozen wishes and 6 additional rolled roses in your choice of color (fill out the options box if you would like another color). You choose the words you would like your flowers made from. Wish Flowers are handcrafted with much care and thought going into each bloom. Stems are 9 inches. The idea for Wish Flowers came about during my sister’s diagnosis and ongoing battle with liver cancer. I wanted to send her some flowers but also wanted to send something meaningful. With her ideas and input, Wish Flowers “bloomed”. The bouquet shown is “Shannon’s Wish”. It contains two each of “Love”, “Hope”, “Heal”, “Strength”, “Blessings” and “Courage”. You can order the bouquet as shown, or give me the words you want to use (up to 12) and I will create the papers to your specifications. They also come with a printed sheet explaining the wishes you chose for your recipient. If you would like to create your own bouquet, just let me know the words you would like in a note at checkout. WishFlowers make an excellent gift for cancer patients, a sick friend, a new baby bouquet, newlyweds and more. Paper flowers are also safe for patients in ICU and hospital wards that do not allow live plants. Please note, vase is NOT included, the flowers will arrive wrapped in tissue and tied with a ribbon (you can choose the color, just enter it in the note at checkout). I can include a hand lettered card at no extra charge, as well. Each flower is approximately 1.5 inches across.